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How does the Latin course differ from other language courses?

Like all the languages we offer, our Version 3 Latin software teaches communicative, everyday language in a modern context that makes language learning relevant, meaningful, and easy. But since most people study Latin because they have an interest in either Classical Latin texts or Romance languages, we added a number of features that you won’t find in our other courses.

Contemporary vs Classical
Our Latin course is designed to benefit anyone who's interested in Classical Latin or who’s studying Latin because of an interest in the Romance languages.Take a closer look at what we did:

  • We used a reconstructed Classical Latin pronunciation, so our voicing matches what scholars believe was regarded as good Latin during the late Roman republic.
  • We designed a number of Vocabulary activities that focus on root words to develop a learner's ability to figure out the meaning of new but related words. We designed these activities not only to benefit someone who wants to read Classical Latin, but also to benefit learners looking for Latin cognates in English and in Romance languages.
  • In a number of places where we used Classical Latin terms for modern objects, we included an illustration to show what the term would have referred to in ancient Rome.

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