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How do I use Rosetta Stone Kids Reading?

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Table of Contents
  1. How to sign in
  2. How to setup a child profile
  3. Set Level
  4. Navigation
  5. Parent's Corner
  6. Spotty Internet?


How to sign in:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email and password and click Sign In.

How to setup a child profile:

  1. After signing in, you'll be prompted to Create Child Profile. (If you have already created one and need to create another, click the Parent's Corner.)
  2. Fill out the child's Name, Age, Set Level, Gender, and Pick an Avatar for your child and click Save.

Set Level

You have two options to set the starting level for your child: Guided and Manual.


Guided has four options based on what your child can do:
  1. Pre Reader - Recite the alphabet and recognize some letters. Recognize some shapes, colors, and objects. Follow simple directions (push the button, then turn the page).
  2. Emerging Reader - Recognize and name most letters. Match some letters wit the sounds they make. Identify rhyming words and phrases (pat the cat).
  3. Early Reader - Identify beginning, middle and end sounds in words. Recognize familiar sight words (the, go, and). Sound out simple words (mom, cat, cup).
  4. Progressing Reader - Recognize and sound out longer words. Read simple sentences. Remember and retell simple events from a story.


Manual level selection allows you to choose from levels one through ten and gives a brief description of what your child will be learning in each level.


 User-added image

Each time a child clicks Play, the child will automatically proceed to be placed in the most recent level.

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The child will then find various lessons to click and complete.

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Each lesson has up to ten units. The stars indicate the score of that unit. Each unit is unlocked when at least one star has been achieved.

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Units will progress in difficulty as they are completed. For each correct answer, the star gauge fills up in the top right. The bronze, silver, and gold markers indicate the final score once the activity is complete.

Parent's Corner

In Parent's corner, you will be able to find the following options. 
Click here to see further details regarding Parent's Corner. 
  • Child Progress - This is where you can view detailed information about your child's progress in the program.
  • Manage Account - This is where you can view your remaining subscription time, turn off auto-renewals, change your password, or log out.
  • Manage Profiles - This is where you can add, remove, or change child profiles.
  • Game Settings - This is where you can adjust the volume for music as well as sound effects.
  • Information - Here you can contact support, view the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Spotty Internet?

If you go on a trip in the car or have spotty Internet, don't worry, your child's progress data will be saved automatically and will sync with our secure servers when the Internet becomes available.
Note: This is only applicable to the Android and iOS Kids Reading apps. The Kids Reading website must have an internet connection in order to use.

If you need further assistance, please contact Rosetta Stone Product Support.

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