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How do I setup instructors, classes and students in the SMS?

Version 2 Homeschool users need to setup the Student Management System (SMS) before beginning their coursework. This article provides a step-by-step on how to configure instructors, classes, and students.

Here's how to do it:

Login to the Administrator and start the Setup Wizard:

  1. Open the SMS Administrator .
  2. Enter the login credentials for the Admin. By default the Username will be admin , and the Password is password .

    If you receive an error, then follow the steps to configuring the SMS service .

  3. From the menu, click File and then Setup Wizard .
  4. Leave Set Up Instuctors marked and click Next >> .

Setup Instructors:

Instructors have the ability to login through the SMS Administrator to create/edit classes, enroll students, and view reports.

  1. Instructor 01 will be selected by default. Customize it by entering the fields under Instructor Information .
  2. Click Save .
  3. If another instructor needs to be added, then click Add New Instructor. Enter the Instructor Information and click Save.
  4. Click Next >> .

Setup Classes:

Instructors are assigned classes. Classes are customized for a specific language and track.

  1. Class 01 will be selected by default. Customize the fields under Class Information for your class:
  • Name - We chose "Spanish LA", but the name can be anything you choose.
  • Language - This needs to match the language you purchased.
  • Default Track - Choose Accelerated or Comprehensive. Accelerated is a concise course and moves a quick pace. Comprehensive provides more review and moves at a slow pace.

Setup and Enroll Students:

Students login through the Rosetta Stone Version 2 application (not the SMS Administrator), and are assigned to a class.

  • Click Save .
  • If another class needs to be added, then click Add New Class. Enter the Class Information and click Save.
  • Click Next >> .
    1. Click Add New Student .
    2. Enter the fields under Add/Edit Students .
    3. Click Save .
    4. Repeat steps 1-3 for additional students.
    5. Ensure the correct Instructor, Class, and Enroll Student(s) in Tracks fields are correctly selected.
    6. Select students to enroll in the class by clicking their name from the Available Students column and clicking the >> button.
    7. Click Finished and close the SMS Administrator.

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