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How do I play or start a game?

Playing games is a great way to practice your new language with other learners! You can also read, listen, or record yourself reading a Story. Learn more about Stores here.
To begin, click on Extended Learning from the home screen.

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When in Extended Learning, you have two options of inviting another person to play a game with you.

Direct Invite:
In the chat room or on your Connections List, hover over the name of the person you’d like to play a game with and press “Play”. A selection of games will appear and you can choose which game you’d like to play with your partner.
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General Invite:
Once you enter Play or Talk, you can select games from the Talk and Play categories. Click on the game you’d like to play on the left and then select Solo, Duo, or Simbio mode. An alert will get sent to all other learners that you are looking to play that game!
Tip: Simbio games are when you are playing with someone who is learning your native language but is native to the language you're learning. You learn from each other!

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