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How can I find the download link and activation code for Rosetta Stone subscription box?

With your Rosetta Stone subscription box, you can access your product during your subscription via computer web browsers and mobile devices (such as iOS and Android.)

First, please claim your online access with your claim code that you can find in the box.

Then, you can have access to your subscription product with following instruction:

Once you have signed into your account and see main home screen, please follow instructions below on how to retrieve download link and activation code from My Account:

  • At the main page on your Rosetta Stone Online Subscription product, you’ll need to access your My Account page. You can access My Account by clicking on My Account under your name.

    User-added image
  • Then My Account page will open up in a new window in your web browser. At the bottom of the new window, you will see your download link and activation code for your subscription box product.
           User-added image


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