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Getting Started with the New Rosetta Stone Web Experience

Rosetta Stone is in the process of removing dependence on Adobe Flash in our products. Please read through this article for detailed information.

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What’s new?

There are no additional features; we’ve just improved the experience by reducing reliance on Adobe Flash.

What’s changed?

  • Rosetta Stone Course no longer requires Adobe Flash.
  • Graphical enhancements have been made but the largest change to users may be the home screen.
User-added image
Home Screen
User-added imageNew Home Screen
User-added imageClassic Course
User-added imageNew Course
User-added image
Microphone Setup
Microphone Setup Visual Differences
New Microphone Setup
User-added image
Settings Menu
User-added image
New Settings Menu
User-added imageUser-added image
No more flash prompts!

More about the home screen

The homescreen is the screen shown right after logging in and from which a user may select a lesson. This area contains the most significant changes:
User-added image

Getting started in the new interface

User-added image
Picking up where you left off in your last session or starting a new lesson
  1. Sign in to enter the home screen
  2. Click the button highlighted in blue; Start or Resume
User-added image
Picking a different unit or lesson than what is suggested
  1. From the home screen, click "Show Menu"
  2. Select a Unit
  3. Select a Lesson or Exercise

Exercise status and scores at a glance

StateProgress BarAction
Not Started
Before a learner starts an activity, the progress bar displays the estimated time (just like mobile), and the action button indicates the learner can start the activity.
User-added imageUser-added image
In Progress
Once a learner has started an activity, the status above the progress bar changes to "In progress" and the bar fills accordingly:
  • Green indicates correct answers
  • Red indicates incorrect answers
  • Dark Gray indicates skipped questions
  • Light Gray indicates questions not seen
Text under the status bar displays the number correct, incorrect, and skipped.
The action button indicates the learner can resume the activity.
User-added imageUser-added image
Complete - Passed
Once a learner has completed the activity, the status above the progress bar displays their score.
If the learner has passed the activity, a green check appears next to the progress bar, and the action changes to "Review."
User-added imageUser-added image
Complete - Not Passed
If the learner has completed the activity but did not meet the score threshold, they'll see a red alert icon next to the progress bar. The action button also shows that they may retry the activity.
User-added imageUser-added image

Are there limitations?

  • Flash is required when accessing Games & Activities and Live Tutoring. More features will be available without Flash as the development progresses.
  • Speech analysis is currently unavailable though speech exercises still function.
  • Compatible with Safari 10/11, and current and previous two versions of Chrome, Edge, and Firefox

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