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Fit Brains - How does the scoring work?

The xx/800 or xx/1100 score is your performance rating for ONE of the Fit Brains Index sub-areas, such as Focus or Memory. Each area has 5-11 brain games within it, so each game contributes 100 points to the total. The rating is calculated from over 150 million brain game scores from all users from our apps and the website. The xxx/6100 is the combination of ALL 6 of your Fit Brains Index sub-areas, into one unified Fit Brains Index, which is an overall indication of your brain training performance. The best way to improve your overall index is to work on the areas of your brain with the lowest scores, as those are usually easier to improve than your highest brain areas.

Scores generally start lower and trend upwards the more a person participates in brain training, so it is likely you will increase your percentile rankings as you play the games more and improve your overall performance ranking. Most people begin in the lower percentiles in most areas, and as their performance increases, their ranking percentile does as well.

If you practice daily and target your weakest areas, you will likely see the biggest improvements to your brain, even as early as a week or two of practice. If you want to see how your brain is doing in each area, we recommend you look at the progress meters in the Performance Section regularly to see your overall progress as well as your strongest and weakest areas. We recommend you try to get each brain area meter as high as possible, and when they turn green, you can be sure you are doing extremely well in the corresponding brain activities. The important part is to train regularly and be patient with your progress as it takes time to improve your brain.

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