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Error "Installation Failed" while installing on Mac

Error "Installation Failed" on Mac occurs because other versions of Rosetta Stone® may still be on your computer or there may be a folder missing or corrupted required for installation.
This issue can be fixed by creating a system folder or removing all Rosetta Stone files, then re-installing the Rosetta Stone application.

Here's how to fix it:

Initial Steps

Check to see if your Mac has a folder called "LaunchAgents":

  1. Click the Finder icon on your dock.  

  2. Then click Applications on the left and drag Rosetta Stone TOTALe  \ Rosetta Stone  to the trash.

  3. At the very top of your screen click Go, and in the drop down, click Computer.

  4. Double click into the Macintosh HD folder and then the Library folder.

  5. Now look for a folder called LaunchAgents 

                          User-added image

      6.  If you don't see one, just right click into any of the white space and in the menu that appears, click New Folder. 

      7.  Name that folder LaunchAgents with the same capitalization and no space as seen in the picture above.

      8.  Run the Rosetta Stone installer once more.

Note: If you do see something called LaunchAgents, but does not have a folder icon as shown above, drag it to the trash and follow the steps above to create a proper folder.

If you are still getting the error, follow these more advanced steps below.

Advanced Steps

Delete Rosetta Stone files:

  1. Click the Finder icon on your dock.  

  2. If you see a Rosetta Stone Installer mounted on the left, just click the eject button next to it as shown below.

​          User-added image

  1. Enter and press "Rosetta Stone" In the search type

              User-added image

  1. : Drag any of the these files to the trash.

    • User-added image

    • User-added image

    • User-added image

    • User-added image



Remove Rosetta Stone entries from a text file:

  1. Click Go from the menu, and then Computer.

          User-added image

  1. Click Macintosh HD , Library , Receipts , and locate the InstallHistory.plist file. Skip to Install the application if you're unable to locate the file.

  2. Control + click on the file and click Get Info .

  3. Under Sharing and Permissions,  click the padlock and enter your password.

  4. Change all Privileges to Read & Write

          User-added image

  1. Close the Get Info window.

  2. Double-click the InstallHistory.plist file to open it.

  3. From the menu, click Edit , Find, and then Find...

  4. Type "Rosetta Stone " and click Next.

          User-added image

  1. Above Rosetta Stone will be <dict>.

  2. Click and drag to select from <dict> to </dict>

          User-added image

  1. Press Delete on your keyboard to delete the selection.

  2. Repeat steps 8 - 13 until no more Rosetta Stone entries are found.

Install the Application:

  1. Download the Version 3 Application or the Language Learning Application for your appropriate version.

  2. Double-click the file and follow the prompts to install.

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