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Error 3211

Cause of the error. 
  • The 3211 error can occur when you have two different languages installed. You can always designate the program to be in a particular language at a time. For example, you can have French, and German languages installed on your Rosetta Stone application. Let's say you are in the German part of the program and removed German product from the Rosetta Stone application, So now when you re-enter the Rosetta Stone application, the application will now try to load the non-existing language German, resulting in the 3211 error.
  • Re-add the missing language back to the Rosetta Stone application and then switch the language product within the Rosetta Stone application. 
  • Please click here to learn how you can add a language level(s) back onto the Rosetta Stone application for CD-ROM owners.
  • For users with Rosetta Stone Language Learning Download, please click here to learn how you can install language level(s) back on to the Rosetta Stone application.
  • You can also click here to learn how you can change between the languages that are installed on your Rosetta Stone application. 

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