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Allow Chrome Access to your Camera and Microphone

Allow Chrome Access to your Camera and Microphone

When clicking on "Continue" to set up your microphone, you may see a banner in Chrome asking you to allow "" access to your camera and microphone.

User-added image
  • Selecting "Deny" will cause the microphone set up to be unsuccessful, and you will not be able to pass the microphone setup screen.
  • Selecting "Allow" may result in the initial microphone setup being unsuccessful, but repeating the setup will be successful.
If you select "Deny", you will see a red X over a camera in the address bar, indicating your camera and microphone are blocked on this site.
User-added image
To change these settings:
  1. Click on the User-added image icon.
  2. Click on "Settings".
  3. Click "Show Advanced Settings".
  4. Under "Privacy" click "Content Settings".
  5. Under "Media" click "Manage Exceptions..."
Here you can clear your previous selection; when you load the page again, it will prompt you to "Allow" or "Deny".
User-added image
NOTE: This setting is different than the settings to allow Adobe Flash to use the microphone.
Alternatively you can click on the camera icon as seen below and have the site prompt you again next time it tries to access the microphone.
  User-added image
If you make changes you will be prompted to "Reload" the page.
 User-added image

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