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Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Download FAQ

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  1. What is Rosetta Stone Language Learning?
  2. FAQs
  3. System requirements

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Rosetta Stone® Language Learning - download (formerly Version 4) will help you achieve conversational fluency by simulating real-life immersion using the Dynamic Immersion® method.  Without the need of tedious grammar charts or translation, Rosetta Stone enables you to instinctively learn a new language.  From the first lesson Rosetta Stone will stimulate your natural language learning ability using only your new language.  Just like learning your native language, or traveling to a foreign country, you'll learn more effectively by not relying on a familiar language and only using your new language. 

Language Learning-Download creates deep immersion without the hassle of CD's and waiting for a package.  After purchasing you'll be sent an email with everything needed to get started.  Here's what you'll get:



How do I install Language Learning Download?
Follow our step-by-step installation guides for Windows and Mac.

Can I purchase two downloads at the same time?
Absolutely!  You may purchase two Language Learning Download products at the same time.  You'll receive two activation IDs at the time of purchase, and use the same installer* for both products. 
*An installer is a tool that downloads and places a program's files onto your computer.

What are the system requirements?
Click here to see the system requirements.

What is the return policy?
Rosetta Stone© Language Learning Download products purchased exclusively from Rosetta Stone are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee

How many times can I install and activate?
Rosetta Stone may be installed and activated on two computers at one time.  You may switch computers as many times as you'd like by following the deactivation procedure

I already downloaded it on my old computer that broke -- can I download it again to my new one?
Yes!  If you were unable to follow the deactivation procedure, please contact us to add an additional license seat

How many learners can use Rosetta Stone Language Learning - download?
You may have up to 5 learners per computer.  Since Rosetta Stone can be installed on two computers, you can have up to 10 learners. 

I have a PC but my child has a Mac. Do I have to download both versions?
Yes, Rosetta Stone can be installed on both Windows and Mac.  When installing on your PC, click the download link for Windows.  When installing on your Mac, click the download link for Mac.  Follow the subsequent on-screen messages to finish installing the program. 

What happens once the introductory online subscription ends (US market only)?
Your access to Live Tutoring, Games & Activities, and to mobile apps will expire, but you'll continue to achieve conversational fluency through Language Training.  If you'd like to renew your online subscription, or purchase one for an additional learner, you may do so from My Account.  Pricing for extended subscriptions are as follows:

I'm from the UK, can I get an online subscription?
No, customers who purchase in the UK will need to purchase an online services subscription in order to access these features. To purchase a subscription navigate to My Account

How many users can have an online subscription?
Any learner who is over the age of 13 may have an Online Services subscription.  Subscriptions for additional learners may be purchased through My Account.

What comes with the online subscription?
Online subscriptions features complete the total language learning package.  These supplemental features help reinforce your Language Training© curriculum, and accelerates you to conversational fluency.  Here is what's included:

Can I install Rosetta Stone Language Learning - download to my network so my family members can use it at the same time?
No, Rosetta Stone Language Learning - download can only be installed locally to a machine, and not on a network.  You're able to install on two computers at a time, with 5 learners on each computer.  With an active online subscription, you can sign into Rosetta Stone from a support internet browser. 

After downloading, can I burn the file to a CD?
Sure, you can burn the downloaded installation file to a CD.  This may come in handy if you're trying to install onto a machine that doesn't have an internet connection.  If you're looking to save the file in case you need to re-install in the future, we recommend saving the email that has your activation ID and download link.  You can always click the download link to re-install. 

I already downloaded it on my old computer that broke – can I download it again to my new one?
Yes, you can have Rosetta Stone Language Learning - download installed to two computers at a time.  

How large is the download file?
This depends on your purchase, each Language Level download requires 500MB of space and an estimated total of 1GB of space after installation.  E.g. Spanish Levels 1-5 requires approximately 5GB of space for download and installation.

Does the download include all the same things as the CD version?
The CD version includes physical installation CDs.  Rosetta Stone Language Learning - Download has all the same software components that will guide you conversational fluency. 

Can my partner and I learn together on the same computer, at the same time?
Rosetta Stone creates a tailored learning experience for each learner.  Your performance in activities are assessed individually, and they determine the content of Adaptive Recall activities, and how often they appear.  For this reason, Rosetta Stone© is intended for one learner at time.  You may learn alongside other learners by playing games in Games & Activities or practice in a live small-group setting in Live Tutoring.


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