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Adobe Flash Player Settings

Through the Adobe Flash Player settings you can specify the microphone that the program will use for regular lessons and Live Tutoring.  You can also grant access to your microphone from Rosetta Stone websites. It is important that you are using the most up to date release of Adobe Flash Player for your web browser to ensure compatibility with the Rosetta Stone program. Please follow these instructions to ensure that your USB microphone is selected and that Rosetta Stone websites are granted the necessary permissions to use it.

Selecting the Microphone

1. From your home screen, right click and select "Settings".

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2. Mark "Allow" and "Remember" and then click on the microphone icon to select the USB microphone from the list; finally, click the "Close" button.

Grant permission to Rosetta Stone sites

If you use the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers,  please skip ahead to step number 6.

1. Right click in the center of your home screen and select "Global settings..."

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2. Click on the "Storage" tab and then on the "Local Storage settings..." grant permission to and

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3. If the and sites are not listed, click on the "Add" button in order to add them.

4. Upon clicking "Add", a new box will appear with the option to type in the website along with a drop down menu to select "Allow" from the list.

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5. Please repeat steps 2 through 4 for the "Camera and Mic"and "Playback" tabs.

6. If you use the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers,  you can access the Adobe Flash Player global menu through this link:

7. Click on the third tab from the left.

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8. If any of the Rosetta Stone sites are missing, click on the "Edit location..." button.

9. Select "Add location..."

10. Write the name of the site: or

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11. Click on the "Confirm" button to save it.

12. Click on the sixth tab from the left (the tab that contains an eye icon) to view the microphone access permissions for each site.

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13. Click on the name of the site containing "rosettastone" and then click on "Always allow".  Please repeat for each Rosetta Stone site found in the list. Please note: Although the message reads "Allow access to your camera and microphone", Rosetta Stone will never access your camera. That is a third party message which is why it references the camera.

14. Click on the last tab to allow the Peer Assisted feature for Rosetta Stone sites.

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15. Click on the website name that contains and then click on "Always allow".  Please repeat this process for each Rosetta Stone site found in the list.

16. You may now continue with your course.

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