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How do I schedule a Live Tutoring Session?

You'll be prepared to attend a Live Tutoring Session after Core Lesson 2, and your next session will be after Core Lesson 4.  Your Live Tutoring Session will be 25 minutes long.  It's a great idea to schedule your session ahead of time since you'll have a better selection of Live Tutoring session times.  Here's how to schedule Live Tutoring Session:

1. Login to Rosetta Stone Language Learning Online.  

2. Click the Schedule button under Live Tutoring on your homepage.  
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3. The Live Tutoring schedule screen appears. Navigate the calendar to find a convenient session.

4. Click a Schedule button, and click Yes to schedule it. 

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Your scheduled session appears in the Live Tutoring menu on your Language Learning Home Screen to remind you as your session approaches.

You'll love the improvements that have come to Live Tutoring. Learn more about Live Tutoring improvements and get excited to enhance your language-learning journey!

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