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Where can I download Audio Companion MP3 files?

Requirements for Audio Companion Download: 
You must have Language Learning Online Subscription or Language Learning CD-ROM / Download product to be eligible for Audio Companion download from our Language Learning website.

Instructions to download Audio Companion for Language Learning CD-ROM and Learn Languages online.

1. Please click on your learner's display name located at the top right corner of the Language Learning website. . 

2. Click on Audio Companion from the drop down menu as shown in the Picture A

3. You will be directed to the Audio Companion website. As shown in Picture B.

User-added image
( Picture B )

4. Click on the drop down menu labeled "SELECT YOUR LEARNING LANGUAGE" and select your language product. 

5. You will see a table in the lower half of the Audio Companion website. Your downloadable Audio Companion files are sectioned off by levels and units. Feel free to download your Audio Companion files by the unit as you make progress through Language Training.  

6. Click on the Unit link shown in the table. For example, clicking on Unit 1 link will download Audio Companion files for Level 1 Unit 1. 


For more information, please check out the Audio Companion article links provided below:

Note: Audio Companion files are compressed in a ZIP file format. Zip files can be extracted onto your computer. The extracted MP3 files can be placed in your choice of media player (iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.) on your computer and then be loaded on to your MP3 player. 

*Language Learning is formerly known as Version 4 TOTALe.

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