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Using the Learn Languages Mobile Application

Use the links below to find more information about the Rosetta Stone Learn Languages Mobile Application. Don't have the app yet? Click here for download instructions. Need help signing in? Click here!

Available activities
You will have access to all the activities available in Learn Languages, with the exception of the Writing and Milestone activities.*

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*Please note: Custom curricula are not supported in the Learn Languages app.

How to access the Settings menu
The Menu button is located on the application’s home screen. Tap this button or the cog icon located on the lower right portion of the screen on Android devices User-added image.

Then choose the "Settings" option.

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In the Settings menu you will be able to turn off Speech Recognition, change Speech Precision, set your voice type, turn off the feature to continue automatically to the next screen, and disable sounds for correct and incorrect answers.

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In-activity options
User-added image Clicking the “Show Answers” icon in the lower-left corner of an activity screen will temporarily pause the activity and display the answers on the screen.

User-added image Clicking the “Pause” button in the lower-right corner of an activity screen will reveal the lesson learning path along the middle of the screen and an “Exit Exercise” button in the top-left corner of the screen.

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Zoom to see images and text
Learn Languages has the capability for you to zoom in to the text and images as you move through the lessons. Simply press and hold an image or text box to magnify it.

Will my progress sync?
Yes! The time that you spend in the Learn Languages mobile application will be counted in your program usage report. The progress that you make in this app will sync with your online account, and vice versa.

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