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Entering a Live Tutoring Session in Rosetta Stone Advantage

Prior to accessing your Live Tutoring session, click here to ensure your system meets the technical requirements required to participate. This will allow you to enter a test Live Tutoring session.
After successful completion of the test session, log into your Advantage account and locate the Live Tutoring tab in the left menu bar:

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Next, select the upcoming Live Tutoring session.

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Now that the session is open, click start to begin.

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If you are using Google Chrome, you may receive a message asking you to enable the WebEx plug-in.  Follow the instructions on the screen to enable the plug-in.

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You should now be in the Live Session.  If you run into technical issues, click here to visit the WebEx support page, which has knowledge base articles, how to guides, and contact information to connect with a Cisco Support Agent. 

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Helpful Links:
  • Click here if you cannot hear any audio in the Live Tutoring Session
  • Click here to learn about the system requirements to attend the Live Tutoring Session
  • Click here if your Live Tutoring Session does not connect and may be blocked by your organization’s security software
  • Click here if your webcam is not working

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