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Administrator Tools Video Tutorials

The recorded videos below are guided tutorials about the use and functionality of the Language Lessons or Foundations Administrator tools. Each tutorial will guide you through a portion of the tools themselves to illustrate how to utilize them. For new administrators, it is recommended to watch them in the order that they are presented as the videos will build off of each other to create a fully functional Rosetta Stone program for your learners!

Introduction - 2 Minutes
The Introduction video is a brief overview of the administrator tools themselves, illustrating the tabs used to navigate around the Rosetta Stone Administrator tools as well as some of the features of each portion of the tabs themselves.

Sign In Portal - 5 Minutes
This tutorial will cover the URL and home page that learners as well as administrators use to sign in, the functions available on the home page, as well as how the URL itself allows learners to access Rosetta Stone through a mobile device.

Groups - 4 Minutes
This tutorial will talk about the importance of the creation of a proper group structure, how to create of groups, as well as the creation and use of home groups.

Administrators - 5 Minutes
This tutorial will cover the creation of Administrator roles as well as the creation and modification of Administrator accounts.

Learner Account - 8 Minutes
This tutorial will cover the different methods of creating and managing learner accounts, as well as discussing the method and reasoning for deactivating or deleting learner accounts within the Rosetta Stone Language Lessons Administrator tools

Learner List - 6 Minutes
This tutorial will cover the reason for, application of, and the creation of both smart and custom lists in the Rosetta Stone Administrator Tools.

Curricula - 5 Minutes
This tutorial will cover the Curricula tab, predefined curricula, how to set a default curriculum, and what these different curricula mean for learners accessing their language learning.

Reports - 8 Minutes
This tutorial will cover the creation and modification of the three different kinds of reports available in the Rosetta StoneĀ  Administrator tools.

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