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Allow Chrome Access To Your Camera, Microphone, and Flash

When clicking on "Continue" to set up your microphone, you may see a popup in Chrome asking you to allow "" access to your camera and microphone.

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  • Selecting "Deny" will cause the microphone set up to be unsuccessful, and you will not be able to pass the microphone setup screen.
  • Selecting "Allow" may result in the initial microphone setup being unsuccessful, but repeating the setup will be successful.
If you select "Deny", you will see a red X over a camera in the address bar, indicating your camera and microphone are blocked on this site.

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To change these settings:

1. To the right of the refresh button there should be a small icon in the web address bar before the start of the link URL. It is either an “i” with a circle around it or a lock. Click on this icon.

2. Click “Site Settings” at the bottom of the list.

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3. From here make sure the following sections are set to “Allow”: Flash, Microphone, Camera, and Popups.

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4. If you make changes you will be prompted to "Reload" the page.

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NOTE: This setting is different than the settings to allow Adobe Flash to use the microphone.
Alternatively you can click on the camera icon as seen below and allow the site to use the camera and microphone.

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Making Sure Flash is Allowed

The first time you access your program you will probably notice a small box that pops up regarding Flash player. Be sure to check the boxes next to "Allow" and "Remember". If you need to change these settings follow these steps:

1. Right click anywhere on the screen.

2. From the drop down menu select “Settings”. This will create a popup box about the Flash settings.

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3. On the box, click the small icon of the screen with an eyeball on it. 

4. Make sure the boxes next to “Allow” and “Remember” are checked.

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5. Check in the microphone tab to make sure your headset is on the list of available microphones

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Next, you'll want to make sure nothing can be blocked unintentionally by software updates or other browser changes. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Launch Chrome, type “chrome://settings/content”, and press enter.

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2. Click on “Microphone”, “Camera”, and “Flash” and make sure they are all set to “Ask before accessing” then make the following change in all sections.

3. Under the “Allow” list click “Add” and type “[*.]”. Add this to the allow list of all sections. Be sure there are no Rosetta Stone links in the “Block” lists.

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