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Error 4111, 5211, 5222 or hanging at “Loading Next Screen”

This error is caused by security software blocking one or more files that are part of the Language Training content. Sometimes this security software is not on a local computer, but instead on the network level at your school or organization. 

If you are experiencing this issue on a computer that is maintained by a school or organization, you must contact the IT staff in your organization to resolve this issue. They will determine if any local software needs to be updated, and can make the necessary changes to any security software in order to prevent the scanning of Adobe Flash (SWF) files and allow Rosetta Stone to work normally. We can provide a list of URL exceptions and other information upon request, if you need assistance with this process.

If you are experiencing this issue on a personal computer, your first step is to make sure that your browser and Adobe Flash plugin are up-to-date. Please visit the browser manufacturer’s website to ensure that the browser you are using is the current version. You can visit this site to ensure that your Adobe Flash plugin is updated. If the issue still occurs, you must set exceptions for Adobe Flash (SWF) files, so that they are not filtered or scanned by the security software on your computer. Instructions on how to do this can be obtained through the security software manufacturer’s website. Rosetta Stone is unable to assist you with the configuration of third-party software. 

Please note that learner computers communicate with the domains listed for our different products in the link below.  Rosetta Stone® adds services over time as it expands functionality.  If your organization sets exceptions or trusted sites in network-level assets or in standard images, we recommend reviewing our Technical Requirements and setting the appropriate exceptions.

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