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Error A0000

Occasionally, Advanced English for Business learners report a strange error. The error message will have the code "A0000:" followed by a message. Error "A0000:" can have several different root causes and effects. 

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Most of these errors do not have a specific cause. The exception is A000: Cannot read property 'voiceType' of undefined.

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This error is triggered when a learner has not set his or her Voice Type under the "My Profile" tab. 

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To fix this error, simply select your voice type and save your settings. Please also make sure your "Time Zone" field is filled in as well.

Troubleshooting Steps To Try

1. Clear your cache and cookies. This is the best first step to begin troubleshooting most errors. Browsers store a lot of information from different sites and sometimes this can cause issues. For information on how to clear your cache and cookies please review this article

2. Try using a different internet browser. Sometimes these errors are caused by certain browser settings. Switching to an alternative browser can help us to determine if the issue is browser based and can also be the quickest resolution to the issue. We recommend trying the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers as they both have Flash Player built into the browser.

3. Make sure that Flash Player is allowed. For now, our program is still dependent on Flash Player to operate. If Flash Player is disabled this can disrupt the program and may cause one of these errors. For information on how to allow Flash Player to function please review this article.

Submitting A Ticket

If you have tried all of the troubleshooting steps and the error is still occurring then please submit a ticket to our team at (bottom left-hand side under the "Contact Us" section) so that we can help. Here's the information we'll need to make sure that we can help you as quickly and effectively as possible:

1. Include a screenshot of the error message.

2. Include a description of when and how often the error occurs. For example, the error occurs every time I login, or the error only occurs sometimes when I access a Vocabulary lesson.

3. Include a list of troubleshooting steps you have already taken. For example, if you've tried using a different internet browser and you still receive the error please let us know that information. 

4. Include your computer's operating system information. Example, Windows 10.

5. Please visit and copy the link that is generated for you. Paste that link into the ticket you submit.

6. Include your Flash Player version. Check to see if your Flash Player is installed and enabled here

Once we have received your ticket we will respond with further troubleshooting steps. 

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