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Navigating Resources In Your Rosetta Stone Advantage Language Learning Program

Navigating Resources In Your Rosetta Stone Advantage Language Learning Program

In addition to the lessons and activities you choose to make up your personalized Language Training Catalogue of your Rosetta Stone Advantage Language Learning Program, there are many other learning and practice resources available to help you practice vocabulary, grammar, verb conjugation, speaking, listening, and writing. To take advantage of these resources click on the "Resources" tab (book icon on the left) from your main Learning Dashboard.

Language Skills and Communication
  1. Under "Language Skills" or "Communication" click on the skill you want to practice ("Speaking" in this example).
  2. Select the level on the right and make further selections as needed. 
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Thematic Workshops
  1. Under "Thematic Workshops", you can view the various situations for which additional practice activities are available.
  2. Click "Situations" ("Scegliere il menu" in this example).
  3. Choose your Level.
  4. Click the arrow next to the topic you want.
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  1. The next screen will show you all of the available practice activities for that situation. Click the arrow next to the situation title at the top to go back and select a new situation.
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Cultural Workshop
  1. Under "Cultural Workshop" you can select topics (in this example "Culture and Civilization) and see all available categories.
  2. Select a category (in this example "Traditions") and the available practice activities will appear below the category name.
  3. Select a topic under "Test Your Knowledge" on the right to access further activities on specific topics related to the selected category. You will encounter many new words and other cultural information about the language you are studying and the places where it is spoken.
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