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Product Upgrade Notification: Language Lessons V3 Clients

Rosetta Stone® is committed to providing schools and organizations with the most up-to-date and effective language learning solutions. To that end, starting in Summer 2019, Rosetta Stone Language Lessons V3 clients will be upgraded to the latest version of our Foundations product.

This upgrade is due in part to the retirement of Adobe Flash in 2020. Language Lessons V3 relies on Flash, and there is no guarantee that it will function properly after Flash is no longer supported. Foundations is Rosetta Stone’s next-generation language learning program, and will continue to receive support and updates.
Foundations is hosted on an updated platform with enhanced design and functionality, refined speech recognition technology, and other features to improve your experience, including:
  • Flash-free web experience
  • Updated, modern interface
  • Consistent navigation between web and mobile
  • Clear progress information directly in the menu
  • Improved speech recognition
  • Easier setup and future browser support

Your representative will work with you to determine the most convenient time frame for your upgrade.

Click here for more information about the latest version of Foundations.

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