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Outreach to Learners Who Have Yet to Log In

Outreach to Learners Who Have Yet to Log In

Copy and paste the text below.

We have noticed that you have not yet signed in to your Rosetta Stone® language learning program. We would like to invite you to sign in to Rosetta Stone and start building the skills necessary to compete in our global economy.
At COMPANY/DEPARTMENT, we are aware that participation in this program represents additional effort on your part and we would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the mobile app available for you:
  • Rosetta Stone Learn Languages Mobile App: Continue learning on your mobile device.  Click here for more information on how to download and get started.
Having complete online access allows you the opportunity to continue your education wherever you are and whenever you want. Our best return on investment in this program is to see the professional and personal development of our team.
[Company policy]
If you have questions or concerns about this program, please contact ADMIN.

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