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Learner Announcement E-mail

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Welcome to Rosetta Stone!
INSTITUTION/DEPARTMENT is pleased to announce that we have selected Rosetta Stone® as our new online language-learning solution! Multilingual skills are a critical success factor in our global society, and INSTITUTION/DEPARTMENT would like to provide our learners with the language skills they need to be effective and successful in today’s changing world. Rosetta Stone’s interactive and award-winning software creates an intuitive and engaging environment for thinking and communicating in a new language.
Degree/Department/Tuition specific points
The Rosetta Stone program will launch on MONTH/DAY. On that date, learners will receive an email with their program log-in information. Participants will have access to the following:
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For more information on Rosetta Stone click here. If you have questions or concerns about the language program at INSTITUTION/DEPARTMENT, please contact ADMIN NAME.

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