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Flash® Parameters with Rosetta Stone Advantage

If you are accessing Rosetta Stone Advantage for the first time, you may receive this message upon launching the course:
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This indicates that Rosetta Stone has yet to be given permissions in the Adobe Flash Player settings.  Since Flash is required to access some of the course content, you will be unable to proceed until those permissions have been configured.  

You can follow the instructions below to configure Flash and proceed to your course.


1)  Click the Macromedia link in the Flash Parameters window.  This will open a new tab to Flash's Website Privacy Settings panel.  

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2) Identify the Rosetta Stone-affiliated URL's in the Websites box.  They will include ".tellmemore" or ".rosettastone" in the domain. 

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3) Click each URL to highlight it.

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4) Click "Always allow". Please note: Although the message reads "Allow access to your camera and microphone", Rosetta Stone will never access your camera. That is a third party message which is why it references the camera.

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5) Repeat this for each Rosetta Stone-affiliated web domain.  There are usually two to four domains presented.

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6) Close the Website Privacy Settings panel tab.

7) Select "OK" on the Flash Parameters message box.  You may now proceed to your course.

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