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All About the Benchmark and Grading Tool for Foundations

Our Benchmark and Grading Tool for Foundations is an Excel spreadsheet that allows you to set metrics and calculate grades for your learners with ease.*

Accessing the Tool

Please contact our product support team to get access to the latest version of the Benchmark and Grading Tool.

Using the Goal Calculator

The Benchmark Tool’s Goal Calculator will help you determine how many levels that learners are capable of completing in a specific time frame. 

  1. Enter the number of weeks that learners will be accessing Rosetta Stone. 
  2. Enter the number of minutes learners will be using Rosetta Stone per day. Keep in mind that reports only track time when learners are actively working in the program. We do not report on the time it takes to login, setup the headset, or home screen navigation. 
  3. Enter the average number of sessions per week. 

Once you’ve filled in the three fields, the Goal Calculator will determine how many Levels your learners can complete. Use this number as a guide when filling out the Benchmark Assumptions. 




Determining Benchmark Metrics

The Benchmark Tool will show you the weekly Time and Progress requirements for learners to stay on target based on your usage plan or learning goals. 

  1. Enter the number of weeks that learners will be actively working on Rosetta Stone. Note that this may differ from the number of weeks in your academic calendar.
  2. Enter the number of times/”sessions” that learners will access Rosetta Stone per week.
  3. Foundations Silver and Foundations Gold include access to Extended Learning features such as games and activities. If you’ve purchased Foundations Silver or Gold Licenses, enter the number of hours you want learners to use these features. 
  4. Average Hours per Level may vary for your learners. Factors include language being learned, consistency of access, and the difficulty of the level. This number can always be adjusted throughout the year. (We should include our “rule of thumb” or average time for completion here)
  5. Next, enter the number of levels you want learners to complete. If you’re not sure how many levels to enter, use the Goal Calculator. 
  6. Lastly, indicate if you have Foundations Gold. If you do, the cumulative number of live tutoring sessions will be added to the benchmarks. 

Once all of the metrics have been entered, your weekly benchmarks will be calculated. The tool will also display the number of activities per week learners must complete to stay on track, as well as the daily progress and time benchmarks.  

Using the Grading Tool

The Grading Tool allows you to customize how Rosetta Stone usage will be graded. To start, click the “Grades” tab. 

Your Metrics

  1. Determine how many weeks your report is showing usage for. Please note that you can filter your reports to look at any amount of time. 

  2. Next, you’ll need to enter the Progress Completion and Time Spent requirements for the number of weeks you are grading. Use the Benchmark Tool as a guide. 

  3. Enter the weight of each metric. We recommend that you weigh progress more than time or accuracy. 

    • Progress: best indication of successfully completing activities and moving forward

    • Time: could vary between learners

    • Accuracy: only counted for completed activities, so it is always positive

  4. Enter the maximum score percentage you’ll allow. 

  5. If necessary, update the grading scale to match your system



How to Run Your Report

  1. Sign in to your Rosetta Stone Administrator profile and Launch the Administrator Tool
  2. Go to the Reports tab
  3. Click the Begin button in the bottom right corner
  4. In the new window, click the Filters button
  5. Enter the start and end dates for the time frame you need to see grades for
  6. Next make sure the “View Usage by:” drop-down is set to learner's Languages
  7. Click Apply
  8. On the left side of the screen, choose your Group
  9. Click the green XLS button in the top right to download the report

View Grades

Copy & Paste your Usage Report

  1. Download your usage report and open it in Excel. Right-click the box above row 1 and to the left of column A, then choose Copy from the menu. 
  2. Go back to your Benchmark & Grading Tool and go to the “Usage Report (Pasted)” tab. Right-click in cell A1, and choose Paste from the menu. 


View Grades

  1. Once you’ve Pasted your report, grades can be viewed on two tabs. The “Grades” tab displays grades per Language Level. This is helpful when learners are required to complete smaller progress percentages. 
  2. The “Cumulative Grades” tab will summarize all of the data into one line. This is helpful when learners are required to complete more than a level of progress, or when learners work at their own pace. Click “Show My Grades!” to see view the grades.
  3. To delete the report and start over, click “Clear Report.” The tool will automatically delete the usage report so you can start over.  

*Please contact your account representative to receive the latest version of the Benchmark and Grading Tool.

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