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A0000 Sonic Library was embedded but fails to initialize on Google Chrome

If you receive a "A0000 Sonic Library was embedded but fails to initialize." error when you try to access Advanced English for Business, the Chrome browser may be blocking the Adobe Flash Player plugin.

User-added image

Steps to resolve the issue

1. Locate the puzzle-piece icon with a red X located in the right side of the URL bar.

User-added image

2. Click on the puzzle-piece icon to review the options.

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3. Click on "Always allow plugins on" and then click "Done".

4. Refresh your browser window by pressing F5 key.

Alternatively, you can type Chrome://plugins in the address bar and press <Enter>.  This will list the Plugins currently installed in Chrome.  Find the Adobe Flash Player plugin and click the box that says "Always allow to run." 
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Note: Please note that this will allow Flash to run on all sites in the future.  If this is not desired, it can always be modified to ask for permissions again by clicking the check box again so it is unchecked.


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