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Overview of Administrator Abilities

Within the Rosetta Stone solution, administrators have a variety of abilities in relation to managing learners and other administrators.  Here is an overview of a few of the abilities that administrators have.

How to Use Batch Operations

A batch operation is a way to perform the same action on multiple learners at once. Using batch operations, you can activate or deactivate learners, assign language levels and curricula, and remove learners from a group.

To Perform A Batch Operation

1. In the Rosetta Stone Administrator Tools, go to the Learners page

2. Click the "Batch Operations"  button

3. Click "Select a Learner List"

4. Choose a learner list

5. Click the options for the batch operation of your choice:
  • Activate or Deactivate Learners
  • Assign a Language and Curriculum
  • Remove Curriculum Registration
  • Remove Learners from a Group

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Creating an Administrator Role

Roles are important because they dictate how administrators are able to use our management system to manage learners, other administrators, and various other aspects of the program. Roles are assigned to administrators at the time they are registered, so it's best to create all roles before registering administrators. 

To create a role:
1. Click on the Administrator tab within the Rosetta Stone management system. When the drop-down menu appears, select "Roles".

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2. If any roles currently exist, they will show up on the left. To add a new role, click on the plus sign at the top next to "Roles".

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3. You will then be asked to give the role a name and then assign privileges to it. You can mix and match whichever privileges you want a certain administrator or group of administrators to have. 

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4. Save changes. The role name will now be added to the left-hand side of your screen and will also be available to assign to administrators.

If you need to edit a role at any point, simply click on the role name and add or delete any privileges you would like. 
If you need to delete a role, click on the role name and then choose "Delete Role" at the top right. Please note that you cannot delete a role that is currently assigned to one or more administrators.

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Speech Activity Scoring

Learners will be prompted to speak throughout the Rosetta Stone program.  Their progress on speech and all other activities can be tracked, and the management tool creates real-time reports that can be scheduled, making it easy for you to track your learner’s progress.

The speech portion of the Rosetta Stone program requires a few things to perform as designed; included in these items is the ability of the learner to successfully calibrate their USB headset in the Rosetta Stone program.  If learners are unable to do so, they can still use the program with Speech Activities disabled.  In the event that your learner is unable to use the speech features, the reporting will reflect that the speech activities have a status of “In progress” and a 0% completion percentage.  Please see below for how this will display in the reporting.
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Learners may go back and complete the speech portions that were skipped at a later date when they are able to calibrate their USB headset.

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