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Resolving Error 6111

This error is related to Adobe Flash (SWF) files being blocked by a content filter, firewall, or proxy.
The long string of characters under the 6111 error is the name of an Adobe Flash (SWF) file that is being blocked by the filter. 
Error 6111 shown during a COURSe activity

Exceptions for Adobe Flash content, especially Adobe SWF files, will need to be added to your firewall, content filter, or proxy to resolve this error.
We recommend creating exceptions on the content filter or proxy first. Please create a case via our support portal for more details on the exceptions that need to be created.

Most frequently this error appears when new functions are called within the Adobe SWF files, such as those that visually transform.
Some filters view these function calls as exploitation of security vulnerabilities within Adobe Flash (SWF) files, and block certain Rosetta Stone content files for this reason.
Within Rosetta Stone, this most often affects activities where an image is actively resized on screen, such as the activity shown below, where hovering your mouse over the answer options enlarges the images.

User-added image

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