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What is the v4.5 update?

The latest Version 4 CD-ROM Update (v4.5) makes language learning simpler. 
Righter after the Version update, You will also receive a Version 5 update if you meet the system requirements

You’ll still make strides towards your goals using the levels, units, and lessons included in Language Training from your locally install application.
Live Tutoring and Games & Activities are now accessed from your internet browser if you’re an Online Access subscriber.  
With an Online Access subscription, the complete experience is available anywhere your computer has an internet connection.* 

Online Access subscribers have access to:

  • Live Tutoring – Immerse yourself in live-sessions with native speaking coaches.

  • Games & Activities – Practice your language abilities with engaging games and interact with our worldwide community of language learners.

  • Mobile Apps – Immersion is within reach using our mobile apps for iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad, and select Android devices.

Add an Online Access subscription, or sign-in if you’re a subscriber, at Language.RosettaStone.com.

Click here to learn more about v4.5’s features and click here to learn how to install the v4.5 update!

*Note:  Your computer must meet the system requirements.

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