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How to play Simbio games

What are Simbio games?
Simbio games provide an avenue for learners to share their native languages in a casual, fun setting.  You'll exchange your native language with a person who speaks your learning language natively.  For example, if I am an English speaker learning Spanish, I will engage Spanish speakers learning English – we’ll exchange one for the other and helping each other on our native languages.

How do I play Simbio games?
Step 1:  Sign in to and click "Extended Learning" at the top.
Step 2:  Select "Talk"
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Step 3:  Once in the “Talk” section Extended Learning, choose any game - for example “Identi”. 
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Step 4:  Once in a game page, choose either the Microphone (verbal) or the Mouse (text) then choose the Simbio button to send out your invitation to the community. Once another learner joins your invitation, your game will launch. 
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When responding to another learner:
Step A:  When another learner is sending an invite, you will see a notice on the bottom left.  
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Step B:  When you see the alert, click through the games in the Talk section to find the invitation.  Accept the invitation by clicking on that Simbio button. The game will launch.
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After you’ve played a game:
Request a connection with your game partner, so they'll show up on your Connections list. Simbio partners will not show up on your regular language chat room – as they are learning a different language from you. By adding them to your connections, you'll be able to chat with them, outside of games. You can also direct invite your connection to games as well, by passing the games page route.

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