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Rosetta Stone® Language Learning, CD-ROM FAQ

What does the Rosetta Stone Language Learning product include?

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  • Language Learning, CD-ROM/Download installation is for two computers.
    This provides access to Rosetta Stone® core learning platform, Language Training®, for up to 10 learners in your household.

  • 3 months of online subscription per product purchased for one learner. Online Subscription includes:

    • Live online Tutoring sessions, allowing you to practice and reinforce language learned with native-speaking coach and other learners at your level.

    • Access to Rosetta Stone® online community through Games & Activities to help you move towards real-world proficiency.

    • Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone, and Live Tutoring: Rosetta Stone mobile applications to practice vocabulary, pronunciation, and speaking on the go for your iPod Touch® , iPhone® (4S or higher), or Android™ devices.Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone application enables you to access your Language Training (not including writing or milestone activities) on your iOS or Android device

    • The option to purchase additional online subscription for additional learners (13 years of age and older) at any time.

Can the program be installed and activated on more than one computer?

  • Our program can be installed and activated on two computers within your household. The  product will provide access to Rosetta Stone® core learning platform, Language Training, for all learners on each license (5 learners per computer, which is up to 10 learners in your household). For more information, please refer to our End User License Agreement .

When I make progress on my first computer, will I be able to use my second computer with Rosetta Stone installed on it to continue my progress?

  • Yes. If you log into your other computer with the same online account you will be able to continue your progress.

What happens when I activate Rosetta Stone?

  • The program requires a unique Activation ID to “unlock” the full product. You may find your Activation ID on the outside sleeve of the box, inside the front flap. After activation, you’ll have full access to all the lessons in Language Training You can activate the program on two computers, and up to five different learners on each computer can use Language Training®.

What’s the difference between activation and claiming online rights?

  • Activation “unlocks” full use of Language Learning (Language Training), but it’s the online rights that allow access to all your free trial to our online subscription including, Live Tutoring sessions with tutors who are native speakers as well as Games & Activities for stories, games, and other activities. You have 6 months from your date of purchase to redeem your online rights, after this time if you haven’t accepted your online rights, they will expire and you will not be able to access the online services.

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How do I use the online services included with my product?

  • After purchasing the program, the first learner to accept the online rights after account setup will have access to Games & Activities and Live Tutoring for the duration of time that came with your product. That particular learner can access these online services from any browser for as long as the online rights remain valid. While up to five learners can access Language Training on each computer, learners are prohibited from sharing login information for online services with other learners. Online rights for additional learners may be purchased through My Account.

Can I access my online components on both computers?

  • Yes! When you create the first user account and claim your online rights on your first computer, you will need to create your learner account on the second computer using the same information (e-mail address and password) that was used on your first computer. This is case sensitive , so make sure you use the exact same credentials when creating the user on the second computer. You cannot use your online components on both computers at the same time.

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