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Items displaying as "skipped" at the end of an activity

At the end of every activity, the program displays the score and status of the learners' progress in a short summary.
Underneath “incorrect” items, a status indicator can appear with a number for "skipped" activities.  
Items marked with this status count against the final activity score.

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The following two main root causes are responsible for skipping over items without submitting answers to be marked as correct or incorrect.

  1. No functional sound input device detected by the program 

    If the computer does not detect a microphone, then the program may allow a learner to continue the course without speech recognition. 
    When speech recognition is disabled, any lesson that requires speech will play sound, but will not give the learner an opportunity to respond and will be marked as skipped in the reports.
    To avoid this, always use a working and configured USB headset.

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*Please note that the usage of the program without a microphone headset can disable the settings option “use speech recognition. In order to re-enable speech recognition in Rosetta Stone Foundations a learner can follow the instructions below.  If the learner is using Rosetta Stone Language Lessons Version 3 then they will need to contact their internal Rosetta Stone Administrator to have speech recognition re-enabled.

Enabling “Use speech recognition” in Rosetta Stone Foundations

  • Launch any activity such as Core Lesson, etc.

  • Click the settings “gear cog” icon top right beside your name to see the Audio Settings tab

  • Add a check in the box next to "Use speech recognition"

  • Click Apply Changes


  1. Clicking the skip button in the picture or at the bottom of the navigation bar

    Every picture/item in the course has a small, round “>>” button in the right lower.
    This button skips the picture/item and moves to next without doing it.  Avoid using this ">>" button to and submit an answer instead. 
    For instance, in typing challenges, after typing an answer in the white box, hit the "Enter" key on the keyboard or the "green check mark/orange X" key on the virtual keyboard in the program to submit the answer. 

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When the option to "Continue automatically to next screen" is disabled in the learner's course settings then it may be necessary to manually navigate to the next screen after finishing all items of the current screen. On the bottom of every activity, there is a navigation bar which enables the learner to navigate from one screen to the next. A learner may be using the “>>” next button after finishing the last item of a screen instead of clicking on the framed screen numbers to avoid missing seeing all pictures/items within. The program registers frame numbers which have not yet been displayed as “skipped”.

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*Please note that “skipped” items count toward the final percentage like “incorrect” items and, therefore, decrease the final activity score. A learner may wish to click screen frame numbers which are not green colored in order to manually navigate to incomplete challenges and attempt or redo any missed language training.  

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