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How to Add or Remove a Learner in Foundations


How to Add a Learner

1. Sign in to your Administrator Account and click “Launch Administrator Tools” to get started.



2. In the Administrator Tools, click on “Learners” at the top left and then click “Register.”



3. On the “Register Learner” screen, you will be required to enter the following information:

  • Username
  • Password
  • First Name and Last Name (Middle Name is not required)

4. After entering the student’s information, next you must assign the language of study and choose the student’s “Home Group” and “Group.” Click “Save Changes” to finalize the student’s registration.  



How to Remove a Learner

1. To deactivate a student’s account, click “Search” under the “Learner Lists” tab to find the account you want to remove a license from.


2. Enter the student’s last name and click “Show Learners.”


3. Once you’ve located the student account, double-click on the student’s name to bring up the student’s account information. Un-check the “Active” box and click the “Save Changes” button to finalize the deactivation process.



4. The license can now be reassigned by registering a new learner or by reactivating an existing profile. 


Click here to learn more about learner profile management: All About Learner Management


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