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How far will I get using Rosetta Stone Language Learning?

Learning a new language can be very challenging, but there's always a room for growth in learning a language. 
Rosetta Stone software is designed for a learner that has never seen the language before. 
Therefore, our program will start from a very basic level of content to give you building blocks. 
With enough building blocks/concepts you will be able to formulate and speak in a much more complex sentences. 
Rosetta Stone utilizes a learning method called Dynamic Immersion. Our program will help you to immerse yourself in the language that you want to learn 

The Course Content documents contain the most specific information we have available to show you what content you can learn with our products.
You should notice that by the time you reach the end of the program, you’ve developed language sufficient to accomplish many different linguistic tasks and fulfill many different functions, ranging from talking about your family tree to commenting on prices in various industries and from negotiating medical emergencies to recommending books of various genres.

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