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How do I attend my Live Tutoring session?

Before attending your Studio session, make sure you've finished the corresponding Unit in Language Training. Then, ten minutes before your session begins, check to see that your computer is

  • connected to the Internet
  • connected to your microphone headset (it's always best to connect your headset before launching Language Learning)

Now you're ready to attend your Studio session!

  1. Log into Language Learning.
  2. Hover over the Tutoring icon on your toolbar.
  3. Click Attend to launch your tutoring session.
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  4. Follow the prompts to calibrate your headset in the tutoring waiting room.
  5. Click Live Help for technical assistance if you are unable to configure your headset.
  6. Your tutor will appear and greet you once the session begins!
Note: USB headset required to attend tutoring session (see system requirements)

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