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Deactivate Rosetta Stone Version 3

If you would like to move your program to a different computer or return your program, you will need to deactivate Rosetta Stone.

For Version 3, please note that this process will remove the language files, as well as your progress. If you would like to save your progress for use on a new computer, please follow the procedure to save your progress before deactivating the program.

1. Open Rosetta Stone and go to the home screen.

2. Click the Preferences icon in the Toolbar to access the Preferences Menu.

3. Click Add or Remove Languages.

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4. Click Deactivate Products.

5. Click the box next to the language levels you wish to deactivate.

6. Click Deactivate Selected Products.

7. Click Yes, continue with deactivation.

8. Carefully write down or take a screen shot of the Activation Code and Deactivation Code . You will need to provide these Codes to Rosetta Stone Support to complete the deactivation process. It is important to save and keep these Codes in a safe place. (Note: For Version 3, you will click Finalize Deactivation )

9. Your product should now be deactivated. Click Continue.

If you are returning the program and it is active on two computers, please repeat the procedure on the secondary computer.

Finally, go to and enter your Activation and Deactivation codes to finalize the deactivation so you may activate again on another computer.

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