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All about Challenges and Badges

Learners have the opportunity to participate in language challenges, which will keep them motivated and speed their learning progress. Success in these challenges will allow them to earn badges along the way.

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Learners will have the ability to accept or skip any challenges that are proposed and can win badges even if they decide not to partake in a challenge.
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Learners can keep track of their challenge progress and badge acquisition by looking at their home page or the “My Statistics” tab.
  • A green indicator, as in the example above, shows that a learner is on track to complete a challenge successfully.
  • A red indicator, as in the example below, shows that a learner has fallen behind and needs to catch up in order to complete the challenge successfully.
  • Badges that have been won will be shown in yellow, while badges that are available but have not yet been won will appear in gray.
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*Note: Challenges can be disabled but if they are enabled again, the learner will have to start from the beginning and the progress for that challenge will not be saved.

Administrators will not have access to view the badges the learner wins, the challenges the learner selects or their progress on those challenges. This information is available to learners only.

These features can be enabled or disabled at the organization level under the Organization tab in the Admin Portal.  Click here to learn more about how to enable these options.

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