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Install Additional Language Levels after Rosetta Stone® Application

Note: We recommend that you have the latest version of the Rosetta Stone application before installing additional Language Levels.

To Add Additional Language Levels:

1. Open Rosetta Stone

Windows: You can open Rosetta Stone by going to:

  • Start > All Programs > Rosetta Stone > Rosetta Stone Version 3 > Rosetta Stone Version 3 (executable)

Macintosh :

  • Go to your Macintosh Hard Drive (or Finder) and open the Applications folder. Open the Rosetta Stone Version 3 application.

2. After Rosetta Stone launches, click the Preferences button on the upper-right corner of the screen.

3. Select Add or Remove Languages

4. After the new window opens, click Add a Language Level .

5. Insert your Language CD into your CD drive and wait 15 seconds for the drive to detect the CD.

Note: On some Windows computers, the auto-play wizard may open a new window. Close this window.

6. Go back to Rosetta Stone and click Continue .

The Rosetta Stone program will now search for the language CD that is in your CD drive.

7. Click Install selected language .

8. When you see the prompt below, click Accept , to accept the location of the installation.

Please Note: Installing a Language Level requires 600 MB of free disk space on your computer's hard drive.

9. As the level installs, the following screen will appear, showing how much time is left in the installation process:

10. After the level has been installed, click Continue .

11. Click the Preferences button at the upper-right corner of the screen then click Activate Products .

12. Enter your Activation ID in the boxes on the Unactivated Products tab (this can be found on the Activation Card that came in your Rosetta Stone box).
13. Click Activate on the bottom left corner of the activation window.

14. If your computer has an internet connection and you see the message below, click Return to Home Screen and Try Again , to retry the activation.

15. After you have successfully activated Rosetta Stone, click Continue .
16. You may be taken back to the Unactivated Products page. Click the Activated Products tab.

17. Click Continue on the bottom of the Activated Products window.


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