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When do Games and Stories unlock?

The games in Games & Activities™ are designed around Rosetta Course content. The further you progress in your Core Lessons in Rosetta Course, the more games you'll unlock. Keep in mind, the games unlock at different times depending on your language and your Course customization settings (Course Settings tab). Below are the general guidelines for most languages:


Completed Unit & Lesson

Unlocked Game
Unit 1, Lesson 1Metatag (Duo) MemGo! (Solo, Duo), Picari (Solo, Duo),
Prospero (Solo, Duo)(Only available in Spanish Latin America,
French, Italian, German, English US)
Unit 1, Lesson 2Buzz Bingo (Solo, Duo)(Lesson 4 for some languages)
Unit 1, Lesson 4Identi (Duo), Super Bubble Mania (Solo)
Unit 2, Lesson 4Chatonium (Duo)

Stories are accessible immediately upon signing into your account. They are located under Games and Activities>Read. For questions about the stories, please go here. For help with using stories, please go here.

So, to summarize: Finish Level 1 Unit 1 and you unlock most of the games (6 out of 7)!

After the initial content is unlocked for each game, the content is updated as you progress through Rosetta Course. For example, you will see different content when you play MemGo once you are in Level 1 Unit 2 than you did when you played it in Level 1 Unit 1.

Note: Identi and Chatonium are the only speaking games available.


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