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Seek & Speak

With the Seek & Speak feature available in our Learn Languages iOS mobile app, learners can use their camera to turn everyday objects into language practice. Seek & Speak combines the latest in object-recognition technology for a fun, challenging, interactive learning experience like never before. Learners can find this feature on the Home Screen as well as from within Extended Learning.

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Use your camera to turn everyday objects into conversation practice.


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To capture an object, center it inside the viewfinder.

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Find 5 things you would like to learn about.

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Current Limitations

  • Currently only for iPhone and iPad iOS 12 or later.
  • Currently not for Android (coming soon)
  • Currently available by default for Consumer, Enterprise, and Higher Education learners, and for K12 learners by request.
  • Currently available for the following languages: English (American), French, Italian, German  and Spanish (Latin America).
  • iPhone Region setting must be US or UK (Settings > General > Language & Region).
  • iPhone language setting must be English or Spanish (Settings > General > Language & Region).

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