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Rosetta Stone Language Dialects and Accents (R-Z)


Standard Russian

As spoken in Moscow

Spanish (Latin America)

Latin American Spanish

As spoken in northern South America and southern Central America as well as Mexico

Spanish (Spain)

Castilian Spanish. Castilian Spanish is
spoken by most Spaniards in addition to their regional language.

As spoken in north-central Spain, including Madrid

Kiswahili Sanifu (Standard Swahili) is the official Swahili that is used in education systems in East and Central Africa. Standard Swahili was derived from the Kiunguja dialect, which originated on the island of Zanzibar, Tanzania. It was chosen to be the standard Swahili because it was the most widespread Swahili dialect because of trade.

The standard accent is Kimvita, which is spoken in Mombasa, Kenya, and is considered as the correct Swahili accent. Standard Swahili spoken with a Kimvita accent is the official Swahili in all Swahili media used by the BBC, VOA, NTV, KTN, Radio Tehran, etc.

Standard Swedish

Central Swedish, as spoken in the Stockholm region


Standard Istanbul Turkish. This is the most widely spoken and understood dialect in Turkey. It’s also the primary dialect used in the media, education, business, and literature.

As spoken in Istanbul


Northern Vietnamese. This dialect is considered to be mutually intelligible with the Central and Southern dialects. The Northern dialect, unlike the others, distinguishes among all six tones in speech.

As spoken in Hanoi

See target accent

The product for Urdu will be produced with the target accent of Standard Neutral Urdu – the natural language and broadcast language of Pakistan, spoken by educated Pakistanis. Standard ‘neutral’ Urdu is an idealized version of the national language purified of any regional influences. This version is used by the BBC, the Voice of America and other broadcast media for Urdu nationally and internationally. The goal is to capture a careful, everyday, educated, conversational Urdu.

*Version 3 ONLY

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