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Rosetta Stone Advantage Administrator Tutorials

The tutorial videos below cover the use and functionality of the Rosetta Stone Advantage Administrator access as well as the creation and usage of Tutor, Training Manager, and Learner profiles. Each tutorial will guide you through a portion of the tools themselves to illustrate how to utilize them.

For new administrators, we strongly recommend viewing these tutorials in the order that they are presented, as the videos build on each other to create a fully functional Rosetta Stone Advantage program for your learners!

Organizations and Offers - 4 Minutes

This tutorial covers the creation and function of both Administrative and Instructional Groups, as well as how these types of groups function together.

Instructional and Administrative Groups - 10 Minutes

This tutorial will cover both Administrative and Instructional groups, illustrating the function of the groups, how they function together, and how to create these groups.

Training Managers - 5 Minutes

This tutorial illustrates how to create and modify Training Manager profiles, which are used to report on learner progress in the Rosetta Stone Advantage program.

Tracking Portal Reporting - 6 Minutes

This tutorial explores the Tracking Portal and the various reports that Training Managers can use to track learner progress.

Tutor Profile Creation - 6 Minutes

This tutorial covers how Administrators can create and modify Tutor profiles in Rosetta Stone Advantage. Tutors are able to assign content to learners, message them directly through the Rosetta Stone Advantage solution, and report on learner progress.

Tutor Portal - 7 Minutes

This video explores how Tutors access and use the various functions of the Tutor Portal.

Learner Account Creation - 9 Minutes

This tutorial provides instructions for creating learner profiles individually as well as importing multiple learners at once. It also explores how Administrators can modify existing learner profiles.

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