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Progress Reports for Rosetta Stone Homeschool Version 3

Rosetta Stone Homeschool program offers the ability to capture progress reports of the students' scores and other statistics. Reports can be exported in excel files or printed out as hard copies. Please see your Homeschool Parent's Guide for more information.

Viewing a Progress Report
  1. Start Rosetta Stone Homeschool.
  2. Click Launch Homeschool Dashboard.
  3. Click Progress Reports.

This provides a comprehensive list of all activities, even if the student hasn't started the activity. It'll also show the

  • score for a completed activity
  • date it was last attempted
  • time spent on each lesson

The top of the screen displays the average score and remaining course content the student needs to complete (this portion of the report is not included on the printout). The report will show everything for the current curriculum, as well as any activity previously completed or attempted--regardless of wehther it's part of the current curriculum.

alt text

To export the report to an excel sheet, click the icon that looks like an arrow and a piece of paper.

Once exported, please note where your computer saves the report. This location can't be changed. Do not close out of the window that shows the location of the document until you are sure of where the report is saved. This location will vary by computer.

alt text

To print the report, click the icon that looks like a printer.

alt text

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