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I would like to find more information about the subscription from My Account

What is My Account?
My Account gives you quick access to settings and tools that let you manage your online subscription and renewal information for your products.

How do I find My Account?
Please sign in to the product from website from totale.rosettastone.com
Then, please click your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen and choose "My Account" from the drop down menu. This will bring you to the "My Account" screen in the new window.
Note: If you have multiple languages, please make sure you have selected the right language. If you want to switch the language to a different language, please click "Switch Language" in the drop down menu.

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Where can I find subscription end date?
In the middle of the My Account page, you will see the language name as well as your subscription end date.
If you are currently enrolled in automatic renewal, it will say the automatic renewal date. However, if not, you will see the subscription end date as below as an example.
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How can I turn off automatic renewal?
To ensure uninterrupted access, your Online Subscription purchase is set to automatic renewal by default.
If you want to cancel your renewal, please click "Cancel Subscription", then choose "Turn Off". To authenticate your cancellation, please enter your credential email and password one more time.
For more information, please visit this page.

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Premium features: New Studio Pack Offering

Rosetta Stone is actively listening to our customers' needs by offering them fewer sessions in a pack at a reduced or more competitive rate so as to enable them to continue enjoy our Live Tutoring sessions. Customers can purchase new Studio Packs via My Account by clicking either the 'Live Tutoring' tab or the Purchase another Live Tutoring session button.

Any purchased Studio sessions will expire after 30 days in order to encourage learners to maximize or make the most of their learning experience.
For ease of reference, Studio session packaging and pricing is available in My Account.
Group and Private Sessions
The Total Available Sessions count, located on the Summary Page within My Account, includes all sessions with a future end date which are not taken or scheduled, including both Group and Solo sessions, and those included in the Online Subscription.
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(i) Group session expires less than 10 days : this session is highlighted in red.
(ii) Group session: Join up to three other learners for an in-depth learning session.
(iii) Private session: Benefit from tailored, one-on-one learning.

How to manage subscription from Rosetta Stone Mobile Application

You can also manage your subscription from mobile devices.
From the main home screen, please click "Settings" at the menu.
Then, please select "Manage subscriptions".
If you purchased the product directly from Rosetta Stone, you can choose "Web Subscriber".
If you purchased the product from Google Play Store or Apple AppStore, please choose "Mobile Subscriber"

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For more information about Rosetta Stone mobile applications, please click here.


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