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Adding lessons or more content to your program

How to Add Lessons to your Program

This function will be performed in the Learner Portal by the Learner.

1. ​​From the Language Training tab choose "Add New Lessons". 

How to add new lessons

2. Add Additional Content for the "Situations" or catalog that you are currently working in OR Select Content from a Different ‘Situations’ or catalog.  For instance, if you’ve been working in "Everyday", you may choose to select ‘Professional’.  Click Continue.

Situations in Language Training

3. If you are adding content to your current level, click "Continue". You may choose to add content to an easier or harder level. Depending on the set up of your course, you may or may not be able to change your level.

How to change your level

4. You may add content from various areas; for instance in the Professional Situations catalog you may add lessons for: professions, industry vocabulary, professional vocabulary and video themes.

Professional Situations available

5. Please confirm your lessons selections by clicking "Confirm". 

Confirm lesson selections

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