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How can I maximize my Game Night experience?

Games & Activities (formerly known as Rosetta World) interactions provide a valuable opportunity to sharpen your language skills on a daily basis! Try out every game at least once, and don’t be shy!
  • Game Nights are meant to give you more opportunities to practice and interact in your new language, so come back and join us often for the best experience.
  • Each game is designed to challenge you in different ways, so be sure to try them all!
  • Remember to read the instructions for each game if you’re unfamiliar. For a brief description of each game, simply hover over its image in Games & Activities.
  • Don’t settle for Solo activities. One of the best things about Game Nights is that there are so many other learners online waiting to meet you and play games!
  • Once you make a connection, be sure to check back with him/her often to play more games. You can even do this after Game Night ends. To connect with another learner, hover over or click on their name in the language chat room and then click “Add this learner as a connection.” 
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  • The longer you stay in Games & Activities, the more games you’ll play and connections you’ll make. Try to set aside at least 30 minutes to explore the activities and meet others.
  • If your game invite is not accepted, a window that says “No Match Found” will pop up. Feel free to try again or close that window and select a new game. 
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  • If you directly invite another learner to play and they do not accept, a window that says “Learner isn’t available to play” will pop up. Click OK to close this window and try with another learner!
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