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I receive error 8811 while activating Rosetta Stone.

Error 8811 occurs because the Activation ID was not recognized by Rosetta Stone.

Where can I find my Activation Code ? 
Note: Activation codes are a string of alpha-numeric characters.

Here's how to fix it:
First, re-enter the Activation ID and double-check the code:

  1. Delete all the characters from the activation boxes.
  2. Re-enter the Activation ID into the boxes provided.  You can also get another person to read the Activation ID to you, and you can type in the Activation ID into the Activation Boxes.
  3. Double-check the fields to ensure they match the code on your Activation ID card.
  4. Click Activate.
  5. If you're still receiving the error, then proceed to the next section.

Ensure the serial number is not being entered:

  1. If you purchased Rosetta Stone Language Learning CD-ROM product, then your code is located on the back of the Activation ID Card. You will need to scratch off the gray film to reveal your activation ID.
  2. Enter the code, and click Activate.
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