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Rosetta Stone Advantage Community Link Guide

In order to set up Rosetta Stone Advantage for the library environment, you will need to follow a few steps.  Below, we define the URL structure of your site, how your users will access, and how to create a link so your library users will be able to access.

URL Definitions
User Procedures
Technical Requirements
URL Definitions

URL: URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator and is a reference (an address) to a resource on the Internet.

Returning URL: The returning URL is where the learner is redirected upon exiting the Rosetta Stone Community portal.

Referring URL: We use the Referring URL as an allowed access point to reach our Rosetta Stone Community portal.

NOTE: The Referring URL must always be an HTTP web address, and not an HTTPS web address. An example of a good referring
URL would be

Referring IP: Same concept as the referring URL, but, instead, a public facing IP address can be used, such as your
WAN IP for a campus or building.

User Procedures

Self Registration for Users: When learners first reach the Community portal, they will see the following form:

User-added image

The learner will fill in the self registration form to create their online account.  Please note:  your username should not contain any spaces.

User-added image

Note:  the username should not contain any spaces.  Including a space in the username can result in the following error:

User-added image
Returning Users Login: Returning learners will use the same login form, but just enter their username and password to enter
the Community Link portal

User-added image

Technical Requirements

API Link Example: When you have your Rosetta Stone Community Link created, you will be given an API (Application
Programming Interface) link that you can put on your community website.

NOTE: This website should be on the list of 'Referring URL's'. Here is an example of what that HTML code might look like:
<a href="" target="_blank">Rosetta Stone Advantage
Online Learning</a>

Rosetta Stone Advantage System Requirements:

You can access the system requirements for Rosetta Stone Advantage here

You can download a PDF of this document here.


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