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How do I install Rosetta Stone Version 3 (Windows)?

If you are experiencing technical difficulty installing Rosetta Stone, check out our Technical Solutions articles .

Installing Rosetta Stone Version 3 - Windows

1. Find the CD labeled Application in the yellow envelope that came in your Rosetta Stone box.

2. Insert the Application CD into your CD-drive.

3. Close the pop-up window that appears after you insert the CD (some systems the pop-up window may not be displayed. If you do not see the window you can skip to step 3).

4. Select your interface language.  Your interface language is your native language , not the language you want to learn.

5. Click OK

Install Interface Language

6. Rosetta Stone will extract the installation files

Extracting data image

The Rosetta Stone Setup Wizard will appear

7. Click Next

Welcome to Set up Wizard

Make sure to read the License Agreement thoroughly before proceeding

9. Check Accept.

10. Click Next.

End User License Agreement

11. Click Next to install Rosetta Stone to the default folder.

Destination Folder Screen Shot

12. Click Install.

Ready to Install Dialogue Box

Rosetta Stone Version 3 will now install onto your computer


Installing status screen shot

13. Click Finish.

Completed Set Up

14. Open Rosetta Stone and add your Language Levels.

Adding Language Levels

When you start Rosetta Stone you will be prompted to install your language levels.

1. Click Add a Language Level.

Add a Language Level

2. Insert your Language CD into your CD drive and wait 15 seconds for the drive to detect the CD. On some Windows computers, the auto-play wizard may open a new window. Close this window.

Files Currently on CD

3. Go back to Rosetta Stone and click Continue.

Insert Language CD into Drive

The Rosetta Stone program will now search for the language CD that is in your CD drive.

4. Click Install selected language

Select Language to Install

5. Click Accept, when you see the prompt below, to approve the location of the installation.

Install Language Files to this Location

Installing a Language level requires 600 MB of free disk space on your computer’s hard drive.

As the level installs, the following screen will appear, showing how much time is left in the installation process:

Now Installing

7. Click Continue after the level has been installed.

Successful Install

8. Enter your Activation ID in the boxes on the Unactivated Products tab (this can be found on the Activation Card that came in your Rosetta Stone box).

9. Click Activate on the bottom left corner of the activation window.

Product Activation Screen

11. Click Continue.

Activated Products

To add another language level at a later time, please see this article .

If you are still in need of assistance, please contact Rosetta Stone Support .

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